Program Background
Get to know more about the program.

What is Global Online Workforce ?

It is a program to assist Malaysians to leverage on crowdsourcing platforms to generate digital revenue consistently and on a full time basis.

What is Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing represents the future in how jobs, projects and work are offered and taken up via online platforms.

MDEC has partnered with some of the largest global crowdsourcing platforms:

Why is the Global Online Workforce Program being Implemented?

  • To create a community of full time high quality crowd workers among Malaysians.
  • To establish a sustainable model on the Global Online Workforce Program through engagement with strategic partners.
  • To provide- alternative sources of income for Malaysians via multiple online platforms.
  • To develop a support program for Malaysian freelancers to remain motivated, driven and committed in earning digital income via crowdsourcing platforms.

Who should be involved?

  • Experienced freelancers / crowd workers in local and global crowdsourcing platforms.
  • Committed individuals aspiring to be crowd workers with qualifications and capabilities in various disciplines such as ICT, creative and design, languages and others.
  • Experienced offline and face-to-face freelancers.
  • Registered individuals in employment programs by ministries, government agencies and at state level.
  • Unemployed graduates and retrenched workers with the commitment to become crowd workers.

Why should you be involved?

  • Incentives given to qualified applicants
  • Ability to generate a stable and consistent income.
  • Flexible working environment and time.
  • Become more disciplined and independent by having to complete digital works as per requirements by employers.
  • Ability to open and develop a digital agency.