Frequently Asked Questions


What is Global Online Workforce ?

The main purpose of this program is to coach, mentor and nurture full time crowd workers that are able to consistently earn a stable digital income of more than RM2,000 monthly.

The program aims to generate fixed and stable digital income for Malaysians via crowdsourcing.  Crowdsourcing is the future as it enables digital works to be offered and delivered online.

Currently, MDEC collaborates with some of the largest global crowdsourcing platforms such as and  Through this program, MDEC aspires to train and nurture qualified apprentices to become successful and capable online freelancers in global platforms.

Why did MDEC implement the Global Online Workforce (GLOW)?

  • To create a community of full time high quality crowd workers among Malaysians.
  • To establish a sustainable model on the Global Online Workforce Program through engagement with strategic partners.
  • To provide alternative sources of income for Malaysians via multiple online platforms.
  • To develop a support program for Malaysian freelancers to remain motivated, driven and committed in earning digital income via crowdsourcing platforms.

Who should participate?

  • Experienced freelancers / crowd workers in local and global crowdsourcing platforms.
  • Committed individuals aspiring to be crowd workers with qualifications and capabilities in various disciplines such as ICT, creative and design, languages and others.
  • Experienced offline and face-to-face freelancers.
  • Registered individuals in employment programs by ministries, government agencies and at state level.
  • Unemployed graduates and retrenched workers with the commitment to become crowd workers.

Why should you participate?

  • Various incentives offered to qualified individual.
  • Opportunities to generate a full time stable and consistent digital income monthly.
  • Flexibility to execute and deliver the digital works anytime, anywhere.
  • Helps individual to become disciplined and independent workers by having to complete the digital works within a stipulated timelines and requirements by employers.
  • Generate digital income based on individual capability.
  • Opportunities to start a business for digital works to increase digital income monthly.


Who provides the training?

Full-time intensive training by co-experts at the GLOW Training Center and virtual monitoring by experienced Mentors.

What form of exercise is given?

Comprehensive training and training modules by MDEC strategic partners, experienced subject experts and specialist trainers. Exercises are hands-on. Hard skills are, however, not included in the training sessions.


Selection criteria for program participants

  1. Specialized skills sets in IT (programming, website development, mobile apps development etc), creative design (graphic design, multimedia etc) and linguistics (translation, transcription etc in foreign languages eg. Mandarin, Arabic, French etc).
  2. Proof of specialized skills set (portfolio / resume / certifications / work assignments).
  3. Commitment to participate in the full time intensive training for 3 months at the eRezeki Apprentice Centers.
  4. Commitment to become active digital workers able to consistently generate a minimum digital income of USD500 / RM2,150 monthly..
  5. English language proficiency to develop work proposals and interact with  international employers.

When is the commencement of the program

Any event will be updated

I am just an SPM holder, can i participate?

The program is open to the B40 group. Participants are selected based on their commitment, passion and interest to develop themselves as a freelancer. Work execution, language proficiency and also individual persona are some of the criteria we look at, regardless of your education background.


How much are the fees?

Both programs are FREE OF CHARGE. No fee is collected for joining this program.

I have earned from my first job online, do i need to pay?

No payment is required. Your earnings are solely yours.

How do i get paid?

The Full Boarding Program allowances are paid directly to your bank account. Payments from hirers are done via Paypal and later on transferred directly to your local bank account.

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