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Global Online Workforce

Monetise Your Skills
with GLOW Programme.

Empower you to thrive in your career as a Global Remote Worker

Financial Independence

Earn income by winning “high-value” projects and be your own boss.

Flexible Lifestyle

Attain healthier work-life integration. Spend more time on yourself, family, and friends. Enjoy the freedom and meaningful activities such as hobbies.

Fulfilling Career

Freelancing provides a huge opportunity to diversify your skillset and client base. You can choose whatever project you want to work on, where you want to work and who you want to work with.

Freelancing Career Path

Beginner Stage


Begin your independent reputation and client base using reliable and trusted freelancing platforms.

Proficient Stage

Remote Worker / Digital Nomad

Once you’re able to build a strong and lasting relationship with your client, consider fixed-term contract and work with teammates across the globe while enjoying the freedom of location.

Advance Stage

Digital Agency / Industry Expert

Take lead on bigger projects, become an expert advisor for clients and play the role to help other freelancers grow and perform.

Our Programmes



This fundamental programme provides guidance on generating income online as a freelancer.

Our Latest


Global Online Workforce (GLOW PENJANA)

Come and register to be a part of the GLOW PENJANA Program. For YOUR information, GLOW PENJANA is an initiative from our government in collaboration with MDEC to train and provide free online courses for certified individuals to earn income through Digital Work Platforms.

Go to our website to learn more about the program. Let’s register at

since January 2017 (updated quaterly)

RM 172, 278, 799



What our participants
say about us.

Income Generated (RM): 1,477,900

“Global Online Workforce taught me effective techniques and good ethics in managing clients, and maintain professionalism as a digital freelancer. I am living the life of a freelancer and I aspire to serve more clients.“
Nur Ashikin Halil | Johor

Virtual Assistant & Translator

Income Generated (RM): 67,000

“Freelancing is like running a business, and the product is my service. After joining GLOW, I have managed to grow my business in creative and design works, with expanding list of clients from Malaysia and overseas. I thank the Government for this great program. It can help elevate one's economic level if you continue to do it consistently ``
IhsanuddinJamsari | Johor

Graphic Design

Income Generated (RM): 78,293

“I am thrilled that I do not have to leave Jitra to earn a living. As a fulltime freelancer, I enjoy working from the comfort of my home, manage my own schedule and still earn a decent income to support my parents.``
Suhail Amdan | Kedah

Writer & Translator

Income Generated (RM): 57,000

“After joined GLOW, I have proved to my colleagues and family, and more importantly to my own self that I could earn much better in freelancing than doing a 9 to 5 job. I was fortunate to join GLOW when I was about to start looking for a job, right before my graduation from Polytechnique. It is a real eye opener for me.”
Haziq Jaffary | Melaka

Book Illustrator

Income Generated (RM): 70,000

“I served international clients from my beloved hometown Dungun. Work from anywhere for clients everywhere. I believe Freelancing is the future of work. Embrace the change because the future is already here.”
Khairul Ikhwan | Terengganu

Social Media Marketing and Influencer

Income Generated (RM): 50,000

“I realized that I have potential in doing translation work soon after joining GLOW. My favourite platforms are & As a housewife, this form of work is perfect for me.“
Siti Nurain Adnan | Selangor


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